Why Choose Me?

Why choose me? Well there are many reasons why you should choose to work with me on your web design projects; Below are some of the main points:

Peter Thurner communications

All communications will be with me alone.

I wear many hats be it sales to accounts and designer to developer. Any time you contact me with regards to anything I am the one and only person you will deal with.

Peter Thurner available

I am available when you need me

If we are in different time zones, I try to work to your time zone, so I can be available when you need me during an ongoing project.

Peter Thurner jargon

I don’t use techno jargon

I know the terminology, but you may not. It might sound all big and fancy but that doesn’t help with communicating ideas and getting points across.

Peter Thurner listen

I listen to your ideas and requirements and I will advise on options best suited to you; not me.

You may have seen a website that looks all fancy but doesn’t achieve the purpose of the website, so I would possibly advise against that option.

Peter Thurner custom built

All websites are completely custom built for you

I design and build all websites from the ground up. This means I have intimate knowledge of how everything works and should a problem arise I will be able to fix it swiftly.

Peter Thurner templates

I don’t use pre-built or bought templates unless instructed to do so

The sole reason is that if I need to modify anything to your requirements the code necessary may not be in the place it should be if I had designed it, so more often than not I end up spending more time finding the thing I need to change when it would have taken me far less time simply just to code it in myself.

Peter Thurner satisfied

I won’t stop until you are completely satisfied

As with all projects, there is design creep which simply means ideas evolve and change and as such, I evolve along with the projects so as to keep you completely satisfied.

Peter Thurner support

Support offered before, during and after completion

I offer support at all stages of a project, be it a friendly ear to offer advice, after completion you may notice some changes you would like to make to the design or content.