Services that I provide as a Web Designer include; Web Design, Content Updates, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), Management and Maintenance

Peter Thurner - Web Design

Website Design

So you have decided it is time you need a website, be it your first website, updates to the content of an existing website, a new design to a current website, or simply looking for some advice from somebody who listens.

Great; well you have come to the right place.

Custom Designed

Each website I design is fully custom made for you. I don’t use off-the-shelf templates as many other designers do because you will benefit from a unique website.

However should you wish to use a template that you have found online, I am certainly willing and able to work with that template to create your website with it.

Here For You

I listen to your ideas and requirements and understand what makes your business tick.

I will advise on options best suited to you – not me – and I won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

I don’t use techno-jargon, and all communication will be with me alone, and I will be available when you need me.

I offer support before, during and after completion of your website.

Peter Thurner - Content Updates

Content Updates

Is the content on your website out of date? If so I can easily help you with updates allowing you to concentrate on your business.

This could simply mean adding new text and images, or some sort of dynamic content such as slideshows or photo galleries, to even adding new pages to the current website.

Review of Website

I can also review your website and make suggestions of how I would tweak the design to be more user-friendly and the content more clearly and logically laid out.

How to Progress

In order to progress I would need your FTP username and password to enable me access to your server where the website is held; this would then allow me to upload the updated files.

Fast and Efficiently

Once the username and password has been received all that is needed is for you to simply email me any new content when you have it with details of where it should be placed (the page) and as if by magic your wish is my command and the website will be updated – fast and efficiently with no downtime on your website.


Your username and password is stored in a secure manner and is only viewed by myself.

Peter Thurner Services - Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

I build all new websites using WordPress. WordPress is a free and open source content management system and is the most popular CMS system on the Web being in use on more than 60 million sites.

A useful feature of WordPress is the availability of a great range of plugins. These make available extra functionality which is pre-designed that you simply add (plugin) to the website. This greatly reduces the development time and therefore the cost of the site.

Being open source means that it is free to use as you wish and you can take the website from your current host to another host at any time.

If you wish to be able to update your own site, I will produce a small manual detailing how this can be done. Of course, I also offer a service of doing the updates for you and leave you to run other aspects of your business.

Peter Thurner - E-Commerce


Do you wish to have the ability to sell goods or services online? Yes, then E-Commerce is for you.

E-Commerce is one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business. This opens up the possibility of trading countrywide and even worldwide.

I can put together an E-commerce site for you in a number of ways:-

1) Adapt your existing website by simply adding PayPal buttons to accept payments.

2) Provide links to a retail outlet selling your goods.

3) Building a full E-Commerce facility into your new or existing website.

Peter Thurner Services - Management & Maintenance

Management & Maintenance

Software Updates

I perform software updates whenever they become available. This covers WordPress itself and to any associated plugins which may add new features as well as security updates.

Weekly backups and testing

I check in on the website every week and create a new backup of the website and database. This provides peace of mind in the event of the site becoming corrupted, or in the event of you updating it and something going slightly wrong in terms of changing the layout.