Before we begin you need to consider the following questions. They will help me get a better understanding of what your requirements are and allow me to give more accurate advice. The more information you can think of the better as “information weights nothing, but is worth its weight in gold.” Some of the questions seem similar but the process is designed to force you to think about what you want in terms of content and design, but also what your customers want.

Simply type out your answers in the boxes provided; they will increase in size when more content is added. Alternatively, you can download this document “Client Questionnaire” in Word format and complete it in your own time then email it back to me.

About you

First up, who are you:

About your business

First up, give me your elevator speech:

What other branding elements do you have in place?

BrochuresBusiness CardsLogosWebsiteCompany ColursCompany Fonts

What are your main objectives for having a website?

Provide information to customers, have an online presence ie. brand identity, sell products etc.

Who do you think your main target audiences are?

Specific industry, age ranges, family etc.

What are the main reasons a user might come to your site?

Information provided, ease of use, found easily, in the geographical area etc.

What are the key actions you would like your users to complete?

Find where you are, contact you, register, purchase goods etc.

Who are your main competitors?

If they have a website, list it below, the more the better. Explain why you like it, ie colours, layout, information etc.

What will make a customer choose you over your competitors?

Think of your unique selling point. This is more for you to button down how you are trying to differentiate between you and them.

About your existing site (if applicable if not please put N/A)

What is the address of your current site?

What do you think works well on your current site and why?

How do you think your current site could be improved and why?

About your proposed site

Do you have a specific deadline?

A show, product launch, date etc.

Do you already own a domain name? (your website address)


Do You have hosting? (where the website is stored)


Does your company have a logo you can provide?


Do you have any other brand assets?

this could be authorised use of graphics i.e. Accreditation of qualifications or membership to trade bodies etc.


Detail how you might envisage the structure of your new site:

HomeAbout UsGalleryContact UsSite MapPrivacy Statement

Does your site need any specific or bespoke functionality?

Photo GalleryCalendarSearchBlogRegistrationMailing ListE-commerce

Which parts of the site do you see being updated regularly?

New PagesNew ProductsImagesText

Do you have any photos or imagery to be used on the site?


About your new site

Are there any sites out there that you really like or that you think are a success, and why?

This could be colours, styles, layout (doesn’t even have to be from the same industry, it simply helps focus your thoughts on the design.

Are there any sites out there that you don’t like, and why?

Again this could be colours, styles, layout (doesn’t even have to be from the same industry, it simply helps focus your thoughts on the design.

Think of keywords to describe the impression you would like your site to make on anyone visiting:

e.g. Approachable, Fun, Honest, Professional, Ethical

How do you see users finding your site?

Will you direct them there from advertisements, via business cards or will they find you via Google?

TV AdvertisingRadio AdvertisingWeb AdvertisingBusiness CardsBrochuresGoogle SearchSocial Media

Will you use Social Media?


Which Social Media will you use?

FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInYouTubeGoogle +

What organisations can we add your information to link to your website?

Trade publications, industry directories etc

If you were searching for your website in Google what words and phrases would you search for?

Jewellery, cats, geographical location etc.

That's it! This may seem like a lot of questions but it's important to lay some solid foundations and think about exactly what it is we want the website to achieve.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this short questionnaire.